Declutter 365 Premium Facebook Group 2024 Membership

Declutter 365 Premium Facebook Group 2024 Membership

A membership to the exclusive and private Declutter 365 Premium Facebook Group through December 31, 2024.

As part of your membership in the group you will receive:

* Access to video archives from 2018 - 2022 of the group, comprising over 260 videos all about decluttering all the areas of your home, using the Declutter 365 missions, plus a link to access the 2023 videos

* A monthly live video chat from Taylor Flanery (and there is a replay available if you miss the live version)

* A daily post about each day's Declutter 365 mission, as well as a link to any article related to the topic from the website

* A closed group where only members can see what you're saying or posting, which can allow you to feel more comfortable sharing your triumphs and setbacks

* The ability to start your own posts and ask questions not only of Taylor, but from the whole group, to allow a community of like-minded supportive participants of the Declutter 365 plan to help and support one another.

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